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Will The illustrations be Original?
Yes, The illustrations will be drawn from scratch only as per your story.
Can the characters be based on real life persons?
Yes. The characters will be drawn in my own style.
Do you create Double page spreads?
Yes, I create Double page spreads, Single page and Spot illustrations too.
What's your process?
I'll send you a custom offer, once you accept it I'll send you a rough sketch as soon as I can, where you'll have 2 revisions. Then, when you're satisfied with the sketch I will proceed with the coloring and final render. After the work is finished you'll have 2 minor color revisions.
I'm ready to start, what is my next step?
Great! Please send me the details of your project. Book's synopsis, number of illustrations, target age, style reference images and how you plan to publish and market the book. I will get back to you shortly after that with an action plan.
Could you make an illustration in different style?
I have a few different styles of work, you can choose the best for you.
Will you show me the sketch first?
Yes! I will first make a draft and send it to you for approval. After we discuss the details I will make the final color version of the drawing.
Can you make some other illustrated product?
Yes! My services include illustrated textile products, surface patterns, t-shirt design, coloring pages and anything else illustrated as long as it's in my style. Check out my other gigs or send me a request for more information.